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The DODECAHEDRON is a solid with twelve walls in the form of a pentagon. It is the union of male and female energy in the human aspect. It represents love and compassion, delicacy and warmth. It symbolizes divine union, the Universe, fulfilment and unity, element of the Ether and Prana. Astrologically, it is linked to the entire zodiac. Subjected to precise and time-consuming manual treatment. Faithfully reproduces all proportions of the original solid. Looks very good and can be comfortably worn on a long (65/70 cm) chain as a pendant.

Dimensions: ca. 25 mm

The construction of the DNA is based on the regular dodecahedron. The construction of the regular dodecahedron is based on the Golden Ratio, and that in turn on the Pi number....

In October 2001, NASA started to collect data regarding cosmic background radiation using the Wilkinson Microwave Anisotropy Probe (WMAP). This American probe examines microwave radiation emitted shortly after the Universe was created - radiation which can tell the scientists a lot about the physical nature of space. Its frequency is exceptionally clean, but - as with sounds - it has harmonics, which represent the shape of objects where the waves have been generated. In case of sound, that would be a musical instrument. In case of microwave background, it is the Universe itself. In February 2003, NASA published first results from the probe, and in October, a group of scientists used the collected data to create the model of the Universe. Jean-Pierre Luminet and his colleagues from the Observatoire de Paris used that information to conduct research in which they analysed many different models, including a flat, negatively (saddle-shaped) cambered and positively (spherical) cambered space. If the data possessed by the Observatoire is true, the Universe resulting from their work would be finite and have the shape of a dodecahedron. While still just a theory, it is backed by verifiable data. This closed Universe would have to be 30 trillion light years wide.
One of the surprising things is how these results correspond to Plato's assumptions of a finite Universe from 2,500 years ago.
According to Plato, its shape would also be a dodecahedron - one of five Platonic solids."


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